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Hola, Tierra plana, Adele – Amber Plaster

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El vídeo  de Tierra plana interpretado por Adele, con subtítulos en castellano.

Este video fue hecho por Missa y la canción es de Amber Plaster quien la escribió y la interpretó., aquí la interpreta Adele


  •  Hello It’s Me,
  • You Know Indoctrination Started When We Were Still Naive.
  • Programming.
  • Our Beliefs
  • That Inertia Is The Reason We Don’t Feel The Earth Spinning.
  • Hello
  • Can You Hear Me.
  • Did You Ever Stop To Question A Confession Of Gravity
  • As A Theory
  • Funny Thing
  • The Force Alone Can Be Explained With Buoyancy And Density
  • The Sun Is Closer Than What They’ve Told Us,
  • Not 90,000,000 Miles Away.
  • Hello From The Inside
  • I’m Here To Tell You Nasa Lies
  • And There Never Was A Space Probe
  • And Those Planets You’ve Loved So,
  • Are Wondering Stars
  • Operation Fish Bowl,
  • There Never Was A South Pole.
  • We’re Surrounded By Walls Of Ice
  • And We Clearly Live Inside Of A Glass Dome.
  • Hello How Are You?
  • Did You Get A Chance To Join Flat Earth And Globe Discussion Group
  • To Discover All The Truth
  • How The Sun The Moon The Stars Are All Revolving Around You.
  • There’s No More Secrets,
  • The Earth Is Stationary,
  • It Is Fixed Unmovable.
  • Hello From The Brighter Side,
  • They Fooled You With Their Cgi.
  • They Are Sending Rockets Into The Sea.
  • And The Faking That Live Iss Feed
  • No Matter How High You Go Horizons Rise To Eye Level.
  • Wake Up From The Worlds Greatest Fiction Show
  • You Won’t Need Your Globe Goggles Anymore Anymore
  • Over 120 Scriptures Support The Geocentric Design Of This Earth.
  • Railroads Bridges, Lighthouses
  • Fail Curvatures Litmus Test
  • Don’t Be Fooled By Perspective
  • Tricks It’s Our Limited Vision
  • Hiding Those Ships Compasses And Gyroscopes
  • Prove The Earth Is Not A Globe.
  • Moonlight, Star Trails, Polaris Too Prove
  • We Are Not The Ones On The Move

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